we offer a variety of seasonal floral arrangements and plants. Design and styles are customized to your tastes. We deliver to your location and swap out on a weekly basis in the case of fresh flowers. With blooming plants the swap out will be on a monthly basis depending on the type of plant. For fresh cut flowers we offer different designs weekly unless the same designs are requested every week. For an additional service fee we can maintain your display of fresh flowers to look fresh 24/7. We have a range of vases, pots and planters to choose from.

Our subscription services start with a walkthrough of your workspace. Based on your preferences and existing d├ęcor we will offer suggestions/ideas that will best suit your environment. The next step will be to provide a proposal with all the details and pricing of the services. The proposal can be adjusted accordingly till you are satisfied with it. We will design to meet your needs and alter designs occasionally.


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Residential Subscriptions

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